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EMPAGLIFLOZIN(A treatment for type 2 diabetes) suppier---SENOVA
release time:2020-09-11

Product information:

Product name:Empagliflozin       Cas No.:864070-44-0

Molecular Formula:C23H27ClO7      Molecular Weight:450.90928


Key intermediates information:

Product name:(3S)-3-[4-[(5-bromo-2-chlorophenyl)methyl]phenoxy]oxolane       

Cas No.:915095-89-5

Molecular Formula:C17H16BrClO2      Molecular Weight:367.66500


Product name:(1S)-1,5-anhydro-2,3,4,6-tetra-O-acteyl-1-C-[4-chloro-3-[[4-[[(3S)

-tetrahydrofu-ran-3-yl]oxy]phenyl] methyl]phenyl]-D-Glucitol      

Cas No.:915095-99-7

Molecular Formula:C31H35ClO11      Molecular Weight:619.056




Empagliflozin, sold under the brand name Jardiance among others, is a medication used together with diet and exercise to treat type 2 diabetes.

Empagliflozin is used in combination with proper diet and exercise to help people with type 2 diabetes lower their blood sugar levels. It can be used alongside other medications for type 2 diabetes such as metformin, sulfonylureas, and insulin. When compared to a placebo, empagliflozin led to a drop of 0.7% in hemoglobin A1c, a long-term marker of blood glucose levels.


The number of people with diabetes rose from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014.SENOVE started to study Empagliflozin API in 2015, and it only took two years from small trial to medium trial to commercialization.The capacity of EMPAGLIFLOZIN API is 1500kg/month with Facility GMP and DMF.The capacity of the key intermediates(N-1&N-2) are 1000-3000kg/month now.

Headquarter Office in ShenZhen, R&D center in HangZhou, GMP factory in JiangSu.

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